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The Power of Goal Setting with Efrem Reed

Since I began this podcast I have connected virtually with many interesting people. As the variety of interviews reflects, depending on career goals, training and ambition, employment matters can mean different things to different people. For some, it is means going to a job every day and bringing home a paycheck. To others, it means becoming an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

My guest today is Efrem Reed. I met Efrem during a virtual event with Linda Dulye and the Dulye Leadership Experience based in Massachusetts. He is an entrepreneur who is currently running his third business, after selling the first two. 

The entrepreneurial bug started early with Efrem. His very first job was selling candy as a child. By selling candy, he built his self-confidence.  

As an adult, he worked for a software company for a short time. But Efrem knew that working for someone else was not for him. After leaving that job, a job that he loved, he began working as a real estate agent in Santa Monica, California. 

Networking was essential for Efrem because he didn’t know anyone in Santa Monica.  He had to build his relationships from scratch. To build his network he  attended events with the intention of meeting just one person. 

After he met that one person, he nurtured that relationship by sending text messages, emails, and marketing material. Efrem connected with the person daily on different platforms. By taking the time to get to know the person, it kept his interactions from feeling like he was trying to sell something, which turns people off. Efrem took the time to get to understand the person. You only need one person to change your life. 

The best advice that Efrem leaves with us is to set goals for yourself. Write them down and internalize them. Read them three times and always be ready to recite them. Check your goals three times a day. Make sure that what you are doing aligns with your goal or goals for that day. 

Whatever you are going to do, totally submerge yourself into that space. Be careful  not to become paralyzed there. If you are successful, everything around you will be successful by default. 


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