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Why Finding Employment Matters

The Pandemic’s effect on our economy is going to have a long term, far-reaching impact on public health and the global economy. We will rebound. We always do.

Remember that the United States transitioned from and agrarian, to an industrial, to a technological society? We are resilient, but we also need to be proactive.

If you have lost your job, you should take immediate measures to find employment again. In today’s world preparation, planning and persisitence are as important as talent, education and skillset.

In a previous interview with Brendon Rodney, a Canadian Olympian, he shared that when looking for a job

you should treat it as though you are training for the Olympics. Establish daily routine, give it your all, and do not neglect your self-care. You need to be healthy and ready when opportunity knocks.

Although the employment journey may be challenging, it is especially important that you manage your expectations. Know that you will not receive a response to every resume, text, and phone call. Accept any help given or offered with gratitude.  No one is obligated to help you.

The pandemic was unforseen and unpredictable. Your circumstances may not be due to your actions, but what you do now really is up to you.

The touchstones to finding and keeping employment have always been civility, integrity, accountability and reliability. Hopefully the panedemic has not changed these things.

If you should become overwhelmed on the journey to employment, seek help. Do not struggle alone.


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