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Why Your Employment Matters is My Mission

“How would your life be different if you stopped worrying about the things that you cannot control, and started focusing on the things you can?”

This powerful quote by author Steve Maraboli can also be applied to your employment journey. The reality is that a successful career is the sole responsibility of the individual, not their parents, their friends, their employers, nor their school.

There was a time, when after graduation, be it high school, technical school, or college, you would be able to obtain a job, and keep that job for life. If you were to change jobs, it would be extremely easy to go and find another one.

After the Great Recession of 2008 people started to realize that it was not as easy to get hired or to keep a job for life as it once was. Now once you get a job, you may only have it for as long as the employer wants you to have it. Positions are now being eliminated or sometimes even relocated.

It is my desire to close the education gap by sharing the information that I wished someone had shared with me when I first started on my employment journey.

With my book “Get the Job Done”, and my soon to be released book “Your Employment Matters” I hope to empower readers to become more successful job candidates and employees.

I’m on a mission to prepare you and put you in the state of mind to be successful.

Until you find a job, looking for a work is your full-time job. You need to work 8 hours a day on your job search. Use this time to search job boards, reach out to contacts, and networking.

Take advantage of every opportunity because it may not present itself again. With the career planning and advancement advice in these books, you will be prepared to look for a job, or move up with your current employer.

Sometimes it may be up to the job seeker to train themselves. To land a job in this competitive market, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. It is no longer enough to be different; you must bring your “A” game.

You must exude personality and confidence. You must be able to verbalize exactly what it is that you bring to the table.  

Inaction is a luxury that we do not have. It is my desire that you soar during your employment journey.

Here’s what we can control:

  • Seek information rather than affirmation.
  • Share and collaborate.
  • Operate with integrity and dignity.
  • Open your mind to change.
  • Assume and accept responsibility.
    • Respect the rights of others.

      We all have something to contribute. Your employment matters.


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