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Stress Management During a Pandemic

Today’s guest is Maria Tabone, author of “The Holistic Root to Managing Anxiety.”  This is a resource to manage the stress of life, including the stress that comes along with seeking employment. The information shared on this podcast is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional with any concerns.  

Maria, who is a life-long learner holds two master’s Degrees: one in Nutrition and Health, and one in Integrative Health and Healing.

When asked what started her on this health journey, Maria shares that at one time her mother was in the end stages of pancreatic cancer, and at the same time she  was working for a company that she loved, but a boss who was impossible to work for. Stress and anxiety from that situation showed up medically in the form of hives on her body. Her medical doctor told her that pills would not help her, so she turned to Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine combines the best of western medicine with the best of eastern medicine. Eastern medicine includes actions such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, massage, and acupuncture to help the body heal.

Maria’s degrees allow her to support the work of medical doctors who are now starting to understand the importance of nutrition in health care.  

When asked about tips on how to cope with stress in the current environment, she offers the following advice:

  • Limit how much news you consume. Even though we have a 24/7 news cycle, only listen to it once a day. You must limit how much negative enters into your psyche.
  • Use aromatherapy. Lavender and chamomile are relaxing oils.
  • Take deep breaths. Oxygen is the best medicine.
  • Drink herbal teas like lemon balm, which is an anti-viral.
  • Sip warm water throughout the day.
  • Self-massage.
  • Use low doses of a reputable brand of CBD oil.

For those who are currently unemployed, she offers this advice:

Take advantage of online resources, group chats, and networking opportunities.  There is a lot of good information that can help you if you put yourself out there. Focus on your self-care.  Find videos that offer yoga or guided meditation. You can start with a ten-minute video and build from there. Things will get better so keep yourself healthy and you’ll be ready when an opportunity comes your way.


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